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2.7" LCD D6 Camera video auto cu IR night vision+HD 1080P +unghi 140 grade

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Descriere Produs

1 Beautiful decoration and easy shooting in body design; 
2 Motion detection feature; start the motion detection function and when there is moving object within effective monitor area, the machine will automatically start recording while if the moving object stays at rest or goes beyond the effective area, the machine will automatically stop recording; 
3 2.7-inch Sharp HD display to show the footage of the site in a clear way and play back the video immediately at the scene of the accident so as to sort out the accident responsibility and minimize disputes; 
4 AVI format video recording, to meet a variety of players and easy upload; 
5500W pixels Carl Zeiss certified ultra-wide-angle HD night vision lens; the viewing angle is as wide as 140 to cover the sight on both sides of the front end of a vehicle and provide a complete record of eight more lanes. Either left or right, it records clearly and completely without any dead corner; 
6 High-speed dynamic video and instant response to light and shade; 
7 Video output of 1280*720, 1440*1080P and 1920*1080P  
8 TV sync display, always following the video image;
9 AV playback, to play back wonderful life anytime and anywhere;
10 HDMI output;
11 TF card storage device, exchangeable with digital cameras and supporting maximum 32GB;
12 Imported high-speed quad-core CPU chip in original packing; real long cycle video without frame missing, rather than the software modification for avoiding frame missing. It is a true non-frame missing car video recorder.
13 Dedicated car bracket for wide range of uses;
14 One-button emergency HOLD video key; in case of an emergency, press this key, the record file created during the time will not be deleted and overwritten by recycling.
15 Super night vision king; the exclusively original array dual-lamp far infrared night vision has better night version effect;
16 Sync display of time and date;




 1 USB data line 


2 Holder


3 car charger


4 AV Cable 


5 manual


6 retail box


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